82: Divine Living: Within Every Woman Lives a Queen with Gina DeVee

Season #1

Today, we have a very special guest.  Gina DeVee wrote the book, “The Audacity to Be Queen”.  This book transformed Melissa’s life.  It was the book that open her mind about stepping into a bigger life on apologetically promoting herself and being a successful woman and without apology and with grace. 


“Within every woman lives a Queen,” Gina affirms, “And only from the position of Queen can you fulfill your purpose.” In becoming Queen, no longer must women pretend to be anything other than brilliant, capable, and fabulous. This episode has so many excellent nuggets on how to achieve that balance and find your inner Queen.  This episode is not to be missed!


Books Mentioned in the episode:

The Audacity to Be Queen – Gina DeVee

Life Pass: Drop Your Limits, Rise to Your Potential: A Groundbreaking Approach to Goal Setting – Payal Kadakia

Grief is Love: Living with Loss – Marisa Renee Lee



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